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Vacancies on Sonography Canada Committees

Get involved with your association!  You can help advance the profession and your career by joining a Sonography Canada committee.  Members of our committees will receive Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits each year in return for their time.  For more information about the committees, please follow the links below.

Your professional association is currently recruiting enthusiastic volunteers eager to fill vacancies on the following committees:

CJMS Editorial Board Committee

The CJMS Editorial Board Committee requires two (2) experts in abdomen and obstetrics and one (1) expert in education/research, who hold Sonography Canada credentials, to serve as expert reviewers of articles submitted for publication in the Canadian Journal of Medical Sonography.

Candidate requirements:

  • Is an Active Member with Sonography Canada
  • Has worked in a specialty for more than three (3) years (through practice and/or literature review) in order to provide constructive feedback to authors
  • Has authored at least one published paper in a medical journal or has supervised student research
  • Literate in the English language, with skills to suggest grammatical changes and enhance the readability of a manuscript
  • Know the criteria for different types of papers
  • Willing to encourage colleagues and others to submit articles to the CJMS
  • Able to review a minimum of 4-6 articles per year, with a turnaround time of two (2) weeks
  • Able to commit for a two-year term

Please submit your expression of interest by November 1, 2020 by completing the application form and remitting it to Sheena Bhimji-Hewitt at editorcjms@sonographycanada.ca.

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