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Membership Types


Active members are professionals who are currently practising in the field of diagnostic medical sonography.

All Active members have the same rights, privileges and obligations.  This includes the right to attend and vote at all meetings of members and the obligation to adhere to all Sonography Canada policies.  The only exceptions are that Active Non-Credentialed members may not hold office and may not serve on committees requiring Sonography Canada credentials.

There are two categories of Active Membership: Credentialed and Non-Credentialed

Credentialed members are members who have one or more Sonography Canada credentials (CRGS®, CRCS®, CRVS®, or CRS™).  New members must have earned one or more of these credentials to be accepted as an Active Credentialed member.  

Credentialed Membership Fee – $175
May 1st to April 30th 

Non-Credentialed members are members who do not have a Sonography Canada credential.  New members in the Active Non-Credentialed category must provide proof of acceptance into a provincial regulatory college within 90 days of their acceptance into Sonography Canada.

Non-Credentialed Membership Fee – $175
May 1st to April 30th
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Associate Membership

Associate membership is available to those having Sonography Canada Active Membership status who no longer meet the requirements for Active membership (eg: members on leave from their employment).

Associates may also be other healthcare professionals with an interest in sonography

Associate Membership Fee – $75
May 1st to April 30th 

Student Membership

A Student Member is an individual who is enrolled in a training program for Diagnostic Medical Sonographers that is accredited or registered with Accreditation Canada, and whose application for admission as a Student Member has been approved by the Board.

Student Membership Fee – Free
May 1st to April 30th 
Student Membership Application

Chapter Membership

A Chapter Member is a non-profit organization whose goals and objectives are similar to that of Sonography Canada. This category includes hospitals, clinics, provincial and local ultrasound groups, and similar entities.

Chapter Membership Fee – $50
May 1st to April 30th
Chapter Membership Application 

Corporate Membership

This membership category is for businesses who manufacturer or sell ultrasound equipment, accessories or publications; for continuing education providers; for recruiters, and for institutions providing sonography related education and training.

Corporate Membership Fee $350
May 1st to April 30th 
Corporate Membership Application

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