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CPD Tracking System – Frequently Asked Questions

The Sonography Canada CPD tracking system is still in the final stages of development!

We are doing everything possible to support our members despite the continued delay with the completion of the CPD tracker.  Please note that our office will be closed from December 24, 2019 and re-open January 6, 2020.  All inquiries and concerns can be sent to info@sonographycanada.ca for answer on our return.

Members can continue to acquire credits by completing CJMS quizzes, viewing lectures available in the CPD Video Library and you are now able to download certificates for recently completed (since May 1, 2019) activities.

Due to the significant delays with the delivery of the CPD tracking system to our members, those sonographers with triennium end dates of December 31, 2019 will be given until February 14, 2020 to enter their CPD activities in to the system.

In the interim, we hope to address your concerns with the following FAQ’s.

Triennium End Date & CPD Count

Q: When does my triennium end and how many credits do I have?

A: Please send an email to info@sonographycanada.ca and include your name, your Sonography  Canada member number and the information you would like.  We will answer your email as soon as possible after receiving it.

Q:   I am concerned that I haven’t completed enough CPD and that my triennium might end on December 31, 2019 – what should I do?

A: Members who have triennium end dates for 2019 have been given until February 14, 2020 to accommodate uploading certificates from learning activity.  Anyone with later triennium end dates will have access to their information in early 2020 in order to plan for credit counts.

We are advising members that in the event they are audited they will be given time to complete any additional certificate uploads & learning needed to comply with their audit.

Q: I have uploaded my CPD certificates but I cannot see them in my account centre – will I need to upload them again?  Has this counted towards my triennium?

A: Due to the migration of historical data from our previous website, CPD activity may not show in your account centre just yet.  It has been tracked in the database and once the glitch in the system has been corrected you will be able to see all your credits.  Our website developers have been made aware of this and are working to rectify this.

Q: Where can I download the certificates for completed learning activities to submit to CMRTO and ARDMS

A:  To locate your certificates you will need to log into the account centre and select the option.  You may notice that some activities have certificates available to download while others don’t.  We are working on identifying the items where the certificates are not currently available.  Please let us know if you notice this in your account centre by send an email to info@sonographycanada.ca.

Uploading Certificates

Q: I have uploaded my certificate but made a mistake, how can I fix this?

A:  If you have made a mistake with uploading a certificate, we will need to fix this for you.  Please make note of the learning activity containing the error and the date of the upload and notify us by email.

Q: I don’t see the association I obtained my certificate from on the dropdown menu – will my credits be approved?

A: If you don’t see the association you received your credits from on the dropdown menu, but know that we have accepted them in the past, please select Sonography Canada as the association and make a note in the ‘Activity Description’ box that you have done this and state which association the credits are from.

Certificates – Emails & Submissions to CMRTO and ARDMS

NOTE: If you cannot access your member account centre but feel you need certificates for CMRTO, ARDMS or an audit we will assist you. We will only issue certificates for specific situations, but each request will be considered and we will reply to you as soon as we are able to give you an answer.

Q: I just completed a quiz in the learning library and I cannot see the credit in my CPD account history – will I be getting an email with a certificate?

A: Once the tracker is fully operational, your credits will track automatically to your member account – therefore requests for individual certificates will result in duplication later on.  Your credit has tracked in the online system even though it isn’t showing on your account centre page.  We do not have the quizzes set to generate email certificates anymore – please track the quizzes and webinars you have done online so that when they generate, you can confirm they are all there.

Q: I need to upload my certificates for CMRTO by Dec 31 and I can’t access them in my member account – can you send them to me?

A:  At this time, we are only generating certificates to send by email to members for very specific circumstances.  To our knowledge, CMRTO will accept your learning activities without a CPD certificate for upload.  We are making CMRTO aware of the current issue we are having with certificate production.


Q: I have received a notice from ARDMS or CMRTO that I have been selected for an audit.  I need my certificates but they don’t seem to be in my account centre.

A: If you receive notice that you have been selected for audit asking you to produce certificates, you may submit a request for certificates to us by send an email to info@sonographycanada.ca.  We will review these requests case by case and reply to you as soon as possible with the information you need to comply.  We are making CMRTO aware of the current issue we are having with certificate production.

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