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MSK Ultrasound in the ER

by Dr. Adnan Sheikh, MD
2016 – Ottawa

This lecture will discuss the role of MSK ultrasound in emergency room traumas and describe the imaging findings of these acute traumatic pathologies.

Ultrasound of the Elbow: Anatomy, Scanning Protocol and Pathology

by Dr. Jon A Jacobson, MD, Professor of Radiology
2016 – Ottawa ON

The purpose of this lecture is to review anatomy, ultrasound technique, and pathology of the elbow. Biceps and triceps tendon tears, epicondylitis, joint effusions, ulnar nerve dislocation and snapping tripceps syndrome are just a few of the pathologies that will be discussed.

Upper Extremity Ultrasound: Nerve Entrapment and Inflammatory Arthritis

by Dr. Jon A. Jacobson, MD, Professor of Radiology
2016 – Ottawa ON

Ultrasound is ideal for evaluation of the upper extremity peripheral nerves and joint pathology, such as inflammatory arthritis. The goal of this lecture is to help sonographers recognize nerve entrapment and synovitis as seen with ultrasound.

Sports: When Things Didn’t Go Right (from the Sonographer’s Perspective) Part 2- Ankle & Foot Ultrasound: Some Classics

by Dr. Marcos Loreto Sampaio, MD, MSK Radiologist
2016 – Ottawa ON

Part 1 – In this case-based lecture, the typical sonographic presentations of common sports-related musculoskeletal injuries will be outlined.
Part 2 – The goal of this lecture is to identify useful anatomical landmarks of the ankle and review some typical pathologies of the foot and ankle that are amenable for ultrasound assessment.

Introduction to Musculoskeletal Ultrasound

by Dr. Jon Jacobson, MD
2016 – Ottawa ON

This lecture will familiarize sonographers with common applications of musculoskeletal ultrasound. The evaluation of and possible conditions found in the rotator cuff, tendons, ligaments, joints, peripheral nerves, and soft tissue foreign bodies and masses will all be discussed.

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