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Core Principles in Ultrasound

This comprehensive preparatory course, is tailored specifically for the Sonography Canada Core credentialing exam. Covering a wide spectrum of examinable competencies including equipment operation, technical analysis, ethical standards, patient care, and more, this course consists of six meticulously curated modules.

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Sonography Core Exam Preparation

Prepare for the Sonography Canada Registry Core Exam through the review of the examinable competencies related to professional scope of practice, code of ethics, patient safety, equipment maintenance/quality assurance, sonographer ergonomics/WRMSD, WHMIS, bioeffects/ALARA and sonographic principles and instrumentation. Students will work through the course asynchronously (independently online) and test their subject knowledge through multiple practice assessments concluding with a mini mock exam.

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Physical Principles and Instrumentation in Sonography

Sonographers must draw on their knowledge of physics and manipulate the ultrasound equipment when acquiring sonographic images. In this course, students will learn the mechanisms by which sound travels through and interacts with various media in the body. Instrumentation associated with generating the sound beam and processing the returning echoes are examined. Assessing blood flow using various kinds of Doppler imaging constitutes an important part of the course. Recognition and management of artifacts are also discussed. Safety considerations for both the operator and patient are included throughout this course.

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