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Becoming a Sonographer

Sonography is a growing, dynamic profession and sonographers are in demand in hospitals, medical imaging clinics and tertiary healthcare facilities.  Many sonographers are also employed as educators, application specialists or sales representatives with medical equipment manufacturing firms, or as researchers.

Sonography Canada advises individuals who wish to become a sonographer to attend an accredited diagnostic medical sonography program available at over a dozen educational institutions across the country.  The sonography programs in Canada vary in focus and length. Individuals can be trained in three areas:

  • Generalist – includes abdomen, male and female pelvis, obstetrics, thyroid, etc. May be clinic or hospital based.
  • Cardiac – includes adult heart assessments, typically works with cardiologists
  • Vascular – includes artery and vein assessments in the arms, legs, abdomen, etc. : May be general or in a specialized department with vascular surgeons

Programs consist of both didactic (classroom) and clinical components.  After successful completion of an accredited program, graduates are eligible to earn a credential from Sonography Canada upon successful completion of entry-to-practice examinations.    With a Sonography Canada credential appended to your name, you are telling potential employers, other healthcare practitioners and the public that you are qualified and have the knowledge, skills and judgement to practice specific areas in sonography.   A Sonography Canada credential is recognized by employers and regulatory bodies across the country.

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