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Offer Preceptor/CCSA Assessor Credits

Precepting and CCSA Assessment are a part of the educational road-map for sonographers.  Your school may grant credit to sonographers who serve as Clinical Preceptors and CCSA Assessors as sonographers complete their training and put their skills to the test.

Preceptor Credits:  Each Preceptor may earn up to 15 Directed Sonography Based CPD Credits per year.  Preceptors log time spent with candidates, earning 1 CPD credit for each day of precepting a student.

CCSA Assessor:  Each Assessor earns up to 3 Sonography Based CPD credits per year.  Many Assessors also serve as Preceptors, so tracking and logging activities is consolidated onto one form.

Approval is granted for a 12-month period, you must re-apply when your approval period expires. Responsibilities of Program Coordinator:  Preceptor and Assessor

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