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Offer Credit for a Conference, Seminar, Webinar

Apply to have your next event reviewed and approved If you want sonographers to earn CPD credit.  The review process will ensure that the activity is suitable for sonographers and determines the number and type of CPD credit that can be awarded.

Include a detailed program or agenda, that includes the topics, speakers, learning objectives and duration of the program.   Credits can be earned for learning activities only; didactic education, discussion, and hands-on activities at 1 CPD credit per hour.  You may not include breaks, meals, or promotional/sales presentations as learning time.

Approval is granted for a 12-month period after the event. You can choose to repeat a live (identical) event multiple times in this 12-month period by selecting Multiple Offerings in your application.

Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons Accreditation

Sonography Canada recognizes RCPSC Credits for Section 1 Group Learning Activities and accepts equivalent credits at one CPD credit per hour of learning.  For accredited Section 3 Simulation or Self-Assessment activities, however, sonographers may claim only one credit per hour where physicians earn 3 credits per hour.

Why should I seek approval from Sonography Canada if sonographers can already claim RCSPC Credits?

  • Sonography Canada CPD Approval makes is very clear to sonographers exactly how many and what type of CPD credit they can claim. 
  • Many Canadian sonographers are also members of ARDMS, where RCPSC credits are currently not accepted. It is difficult to encourage sonographers to register for your event if they cannot earn credit for attendance.
  • Once your program has been developed, applying for Sonography Canada approval is inexpensive and very straightforward.

Responsibilities of Program Coordinator:  Conferences, Seminars, Webinars

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