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Educational Programs

Sonography Canada cannot endorse or give recommendations for any of the accredited or registered diagnostic medical sonography programs currently listed on the Accreditation Canada website.  Individuals interested in learning more about the programs available should contact the schools directly.

Exam Eligibility

*Only graduates of programs with the status of accredited or accredited with condition by Accreditation Canada may apply for the Sonography Canada certification exams.  See the Accredited Program Graduates eligibility policy here.*

Accredited Sonography Education Programs

Accreditation Canada ( provides accreditation services for diagnostic medical sonography educational programs in Canada.  You can review the current list and status of accredited programs here and select ‘Diagnostic Medical Sonography’.

The status of a program on the Accreditation Canada list will be one of the following:

  • Accredited:
    • The educational program is in compliance with the accreditation standard. The accreditation status will expire six (6) years from the date that accreditation was awarded.
  • Accredited with Condition:
    • The educational program demonstrates partial accreditation compliance and is required to submit one or more follow-up reports within two (2) years of the date the conditional accreditation was awarded.
  • Registered:
    • An unaccredited educational program which has successfully applied for accreditation, and accreditation processes are underway. Please note: A Registered program must be awarded an Accredited or Accredited with Condition status prior to a graduate’s program completion date in order for the graduate to be eligible to challenge the Sonography Canada certification exams.

This page was updated January 31, 2022

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