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Alternate Pathway Applicants

Updated June 15, 2021

**Sonography Canada is now accepting new applications for the Alternate Pathway.**

Due to COVID-19, we are still not able to conduct the Canadian Clinical Skills Assessments (CCSA) at this time. Timelines for eligibility will be adjusted accordingly for those affected by the closure.

The Alternate Pathway is for those individuals pursuing Sonography Canada credential(s) but have not completed an accredited Canadian sonography educational program in the area. Examples are:

  • Internationally credentialed (includes ARDMS/CCI) or trained sonography professionals from outside Canada
  • Those with Sonography Canada credentials seeking additional credential(s)
  • Those wanting to upgraded a Canadian Registered Sonographer (CRS) credential

These applicants must submit an Alternate Pathway Application form to initiate the process.  This will be assessed according to Sonography Canada’s Eligibility Policy. It can take up to six (6) weeks for the application to be processed. 

If approved, candidates may move forward with the credentialing process; knowledge-based examinations and Canadian Clinical Skills Assessment (CCSA™).

NOTE If you plan to work in Ontario and/or Nova Scotia, we advise approaching the relevant provincial regulatory body for sonographers in the province before proceeding:

The webinar below answers many of the common questions applicants to the Alternate Pathway ask us. After watching the webinar, reviewing the information on this page should clarify any questions you still have. Further questions can be submitted to administration@sonographycanada.ca.

Applications & Forms

Application forms for those wishing to challenge Sonography Canada credentialing examinations are available below during registration periods only. 

Please review the Sonography Canada Candidate Guide before applying and challenging all exams. For all Sonography Canada exam dates and registration deadlines, please click Exam Dates.

Important information for remote proctoring of written examinations

  1. For all upcoming exam administration dates (until further notice), Sonography Canada exams will be administered online with remote proctoring.  Due to the ongoing situation with the pandemic many in-person test centres remain closed or are open with significantly reduced capacity. All applicants must complete and submit the online application form below.
  2. If an applicant wishes to request accommodation at a test centre, they MUST contact Sonography Canada at examinfo@sonographycanada.ca NO LATER THAN THE LAST DAY OF EXAM REGISTRATION.  This request should only be made in cases where the applicant does not have access to the required equipment (see #3 below).  The request must include a preferred test centre location. However, availability for any site cannot be guaranteed.
  3. Equipment requirements for ‘Online Remote Proctoring’ exam delivery method: The following lists the basic equipment requirements.  You must meet ALL the system requirements to access the exam.  No exceptions
  • PC or Mac computer or laptop (chromebooks, tablets, iPads etc. are not supported)
  • High speed internet (recommend a wired connection to internet, rather than wifi)
  • Web Camera (1280 x 720 resolution recommended)
  • A functioning microphone
  • A handheld mirror/reflective device

Additional Forms

Forward forms by email to examinfo@sonographycanada.ca

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