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Alternate Pathway Applicants

Updated April 5, 2023

What is the Alternate Pathway?

The Alternate Pathway is for those individuals pursuing Sonography Canada credential(s) but have not completed an accredited Canadian sonography educational program in the area. Examples are:

  • Internationally credentialed (includes ARDMS/CCI) or trained sonography professionals from outside Canada
  • Those with Sonography Canada credentials seeking additional credential(s)
  • Those wanting to upgraded a Canadian Registered Sonographer (CRS) credential

These applicants must submit an Alternate Pathway Application form to initiate the process.  This will be assessed according to Sonography Canada’s Eligibility Policy. It can take up to six (6) weeks for the application to be processed. 

If approved, candidates may move forward with the credentialing process; knowledge-based examinations and Canadian Clinical Skills Assessment (CCSA™).

Alternate Pathway Eligibility, Applications, and Resources

Planning to work in a Province (Ontario and Nova Scotia) where sonographers are regulated:

If planning to work in Ontario and/or Nova Scotia, individuals must approach the relevant provincial regulatory body for sonographers in the province before proceeding:

If planning to work in a unregulated province or territory or are unsure where you plan to practice:

Sonographers are not currently regulated in many areas in Canada. Therefore, the requirements for employment vary from location to location.  If you wish to earn a Sonography Canada credential, you can apply for approval to do so at the below application:



Completing the Written Certification Examinations

*Individuals must be approved for the Alternate Pathway before being eligible to apply for the written examinations. Please see the information above for details about the pathway.*


Applications and Forms

Please review the Sonography Canada Candidate Guide before applying and challenging all exams. For all Sonography Canada exam dates and registration deadlines, please click Exam Dates. Application forms for those wishing to challenge Sonography Canada credentialing examinations are available below during registration periods only. 

  • Exam ApplicationDue to updates to the examination process, starting in January 2022 there will be only one Generalist exam which includes all the required competencies for the Generalist (CRGS) credential. All candidates, including those who are rewriting any previous component, will be required to take the entire exam. The $125.00 administration fee is non-refundable.
  • Exam Accommodation RequestIf a disability or impairment limits major life activities, a request for Exam Accommodations may be submitted in writing to Sonography Canada. This request must be submitted before the registration deadline of the exam session for which you are requesting exam accommodations. Forward form by email to
  • Exam Withdrawal and RefundForward form by email to
  • Exam Appeals RequestForward form by email to

Information for Online Proctoring of Exams

  1. For all upcoming exam administration dates, Sonography Canada exams will be administered online with remote proctoring by default. All applicants must complete and submit the online application form below.
  2. If an applicant wishes to request accommodation at a test centre, they MUST contact Sonography Canada at NO LATER THAN THE LAST DAY OF EXAM REGISTRATION. This request should be made in cases where the applicant does not have access to the required equipment (see #3 below) or private space. The request must include a preferred test centre location; however, availability for any site cannot be guaranteed. PLEASE NOTE: Due to the pandemic many in-person test centres remain closed or are open with significantly reduced capacity. Test centres may require official proof of two doses of a Health Canada approved COVID-19 vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test within 48-72hrs (requirements are dependent on the individual test centre and local public health guidelines at the time of the exam).
  3. Equipment requirements for Remote Proctored exam delivery method – Please review Appendix A of the Candidate Guide and the equipment list below for minimum equipment requirements and recommendations. You must meet ALL the system requirements listed under the “minimum” column to access the exam. No exceptions. Candidates who meet the minimum requirements may still encounter difficulty that will prevent access to the exam platform. Therefore, candidates are strongly encouraged to ensure their equipment meets the details listed under the “recommended” column. Exams will not be rescheduled due to technical issues.

Communication from Meazure Learning/Yardstick regarding exam scheduling will be sent by email. Please note: Emails may divert to spam/junk email folders. It is the applicant’s responsibility to check spam/junk email folders if they do not receive an email to an inbox.

Completing the Canadian Clinical Skills Assessment (CCSA)

*Individuals must be approved for the Alternate Pathway, and have successfully completed the written certification examination before they can apply for the CCSA. Please see the information above for details about the pathway and examinations.*

Applications and Forms

For more information regarding the CCSA please contact


The Michener Institute of Education Generalist Bridging Program

The webinar below answers many of the common questions applicants to the Alternate Pathway ask us. After watching the webinar, reviewing the information on this page should clarify any questions you still have. Further questions can be submitted to

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