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Offer Educational Rounds or Workshop Credits

Your clinic or institution can apply for pre-approved CPD credit units that can be applied to Educational Rounds or Workshops, held in one-hour or two-hour increments.  This is a bulk purchase of credit units for a 12-month period.  Depending on the number of educational rounds you plan to host, choose the level that suits your needs:

  • Up to 24 CPD Units delivered in 1 to 2 hour activities (e.g. up to 24 events per year)
  • Up to 52 CPD Units delivered in 1 to 2 hour activities (e.g. up to 52 events per year)

A CPD unit is applied to the activity, NOT the number of attendees.  A one-hour rounds event will use up one CPD unit, and one CPD credit will be earned by all participants, whether there are 10 or 100.

Rounds activities are not pre-approved; it is mandatory to report activities to Sonography Canada.  Use the provided CPD Tracker (Excel spreadsheet) to track dates, topics, speakers, and attendance, and submit at regular intervals (monthly, quarterly, bi-annually) depending on the frequency of your educational events. Approval is granted for a 12-month period, you must re-apply when your approval period expires.

Responsibilities of Program Coordinator:  Rounds/Workshops

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