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Job Board Postings and e-Blasts

Sonography Canada is dedicated to promoting and advancing the ultrasound profession by helping employers find qualified sonographers for their organizations.  Find the perfect candidate with a job posting to our members located across Canada and abroad.

Our membership categories have changed. Please be sure to watch our Member Model video to assist with identifying the best qualifications for your employment opportunity.

How to Post a Job

  • Click Buy Now to download the Standard Job Board Posting/e-blast Application Form.  
  • Post content is to be submitted as a Word document and should include:
    • Your company logo
    • A title or subject line for your ad/e-blast.
    • Precedence to Sonography Canada credentials. (required)
    • Job title and description of position(s) available.
  • Full payment is required before the post is added to the Job Board or circulated to members. Payment by credit card is preferred. (VISA or MasterCard only).
  • We reserve the right to modify/correct the wording regarding Sonography Canada credentials.* (see note)
  • Email the completed form and Word document to

Please be advised, once all documentation and payment have been received, we require a 48 hour turnaround before your request appears on the website, and/or e-blast is sent to members. We thank you for your continued membership and support.

Standard Job Board Posting


Standard jobs are online for 60 days and appear in job search results. Their position is determined by the search executed (e.g. location) or by the date they were posted.

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Standard e-Blast to Sonography Canada Members


Jobs are distributed directly to Sonography Canada members via email.  Your job posting appears right in their inbox

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Premium: Job Posting & e-Blast


The greatest reach.  Jobs are online for 60 days and appear in job search results. Your job posting is also sent directly to Sonography Canada members via email.

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As the national organization acting on behalf of sonographers across the country, Sonography Canada strongly believes that it is in the best interests of the profession and of the Canadian health care system that the nomenclature used to describe the profession and its practitioners is applied uniformly so that all stakeholders, from potential students to educators, practitioners, regulators, and others across the health care system, have a common understanding of what is meant when someone refers to the profession. In this regard, we encourage the use of “Diagnostic Medical Sonography” or “Sonography” to describe the profession and “Diagnostic Medical Sonographer” or “Sonographer” to describe the practitioner.

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