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Professional Liability Insurance (PLI)

The following content has been developed in partnership with Sonography Canada’s insurance broker, BMS Canada Risk Services Ltd. (BMS). It is provided for general information purposes only and does not constitute broker advice. Please speak with a broker at BMS if you have any questions about your insurance coverage or your specific insurance needs.

What is PLI?

A Professional Liability Insurance policy protects you against liability or allegations of liability for injury or damages that have resulted from wrongful acts to a third party (a negligent act, error, omission, or malpractice) committed when acting within your scope of practice as a diagnostic medical sonographer. PLI protect you by ensuring that your defence is coordinated and paid for if a claim is made against you. PLI also covers the costs of patient compensation or damages.

Why Do I Need PLI?

Sonography Canada cannot overemphasize the importance of sonographers having their own Professional Liability Insurance (PLI) coverage. Sonographers need to protect themselves against civil claims that may stem from an error or omission, professional negligence, or inappropriate conduct.

It is strongly recommended that sonographers have coverage to protect their professional reputation and livelihood if they are ever involved in a claim. PLI offered by employers, unions, or other organizations, is often tied to place of employment, may not be profession specific, and may have important restrictions.

The PLI policy available through Sonography Canada’s provides coverage wherever you work or volunteer in Canada, and throughout your full scope of practice as a sonographer.

Mandatory PLI Coverage in Regulated Provinces

As provincial regulation of sonography is enacted, PLI coverage will be a mandatory requirement of the regulatory college.  

The Sonography Canada PLI program is specifically designed to meet today’s emerging sonography professional practice risks. The policy provides individual limits of coverage that meet or exceed all proposed regulatory requirements.

PLI Coverage in Unregulated Provinces

PLI is optional in unregulated provinces, however it is strongly recommended that you carry your own personal PLI policy. PLI offered by employers, unions or other organizations is often tied to place of employment, may not be profession specific, and may have important restrictions.

Sonographers should review their PLI coverage policies to ensure they have adequate coverage. Click here to learn more about Sonography Canada’s PLI coverage.

For more information about your Insurance Broker, BMS, and Insurance Regulatory Principles of Conduct, please click here.

in their role as a sonographer. Click here to learn more about Sonography Canada’s PLI coverage.

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