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Obtain Credentials

How to Obtain Sonography Canada Credential(s)?

Obtaining a Sonography Canada credential consists of two components; knowledge-based examinations and a clinical component called the Canadian Clinical Skills Assessment (CCSA™).   Both components must be successfully completed to receive a credential. 

There are two pathways by which an individual may pursue a Sonography Canada credential(s):

Canadian Accredited Sonography Program Graduates: Those who have successfully completed a course of study at a Canadian educational institution accredited by Accreditation Canada.

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Alternate Applicant Pathway: The following may apply to those pursuing Sonography Canada credentials but who have not completed an accredited Canadian sonography educational program:

  • Internationally credentialed (includes ARDMS/CCI) or trained medical professionals from outside Canada
  • Those with Sonography Canada credentials seeking additional credential(s)
  • Those with Sonography Canada credentials upgrading a limited credential(s)

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Please contact Sonography Canada if you have any questions. info@sonographycanada.ca

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