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SonoTalk: Explore. Connect. Engage.

Welcome to SonoTalk – your new online community!

SonoTalk is Sonography Canada’s secure, password protected online community for our members only. Our new, private social platform is a place where our members can connect to the Canadian sonographer community and interact with their peers and mentors, share information, post and chat.

Communities are all around us and can be made up of family, friends, or shared interests. SonoTalk is taking the principles from in-person communities and making them virtual – its where our members go to explore, connect and engage.

  • SonoTalk is a professional network: Members can interact with others who share their challenges and concerns and who understand their reality.
  • SonoTalk is a resource centre: Members an access existing policies, strategies, guidelines, research and other resource materials to support thei practice, operations and decision-making processes.
  • SonoTalk is a collaboration platform: Members can generate new discussions, projects or initiatives in one secure, shared space.

Joining the SonoTalk Community

Join SonoTalk and engage with your sonographer community today! Using your Sonography Canada member account information, you can quickly connect to SonoTalk clicking “login” on the platform page, create your profile, and begin to explore.

Need help getting started? Download the easy-to-follow guide here or visit the Help section on SonoTalk.

About SonoTalk Communities

SonoTalk uses the term “community” to refer to a group that has assembled online to discuss, work on. and explore topics of common interest. Think of it this way: while an average user might casually “spend time” on their personal social network, members of SonoTalk can use that time with a purposeful mindset, seizing the opportunity to engage with the sonographer community for personal and professional growth.

All members can join the Discussion Forum and other member created communities and set your communication preferences. You can also decide which communities to join or create a public community based on your interests. You may also notice private communities for the association’s operating committees, working groups and Board of Directors. These are only accessible to committee members by invitation.

Each community includes the following sections:

  • Discussion: This is the “chat room” where members can post messages with inquiries or comments to engage colleagues in an online discussion related to a particular issue or topic.
  • Library: This is where members can access, store and share documents or resources of interest to sonographers.
  • Events: This is where Sonography Canada promotes important upcoming events (e.g. webinars, conferences, events, etc.).
  • Members: This is where the list of existing members of the community of practice can be found and where you can send direct email messages to them.

About SonoTalk Notifications

If you would like to change your notification settings, please follow these instructions:
  • Log into the SonoTalk portal using the same ID and password you use to access the members-only website.
  • Scroll down the Home Page to the ‘Quick Links’ section in the right-hand column and click on ‘My Settings’.
  • Scroll down to the ‘Notification Settings‘ section.
  • To the right of the “Discussion Forum” listing, access the drop-down menu in the ‘Discussion Email’ column. Select your preferred notification option:
    • ‘Real Time’: Receive a notification as soon as an item is posted to the Discussion Forum.
    • ‘Daily Digest’: Receive one notification per day highlighting all items that were posted to the Discussion Forum in the previous 24 hours.
    • ‘No Email’: Do not receive any notifications. You will need to proactively visit the SonoTalk portal to be aware of communications.

We look forward to engaging our members on this platform. Please contact for any questions or concerns your have about SonoTalk.

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