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All Active Sonography Canada members in good standing (credentialed or non-credentialed), and new graduates may purchase Sonography Canada’s PLI.

Active Credentialed Member

  • You have earned and hold at least one Sonography Canada credential (CRGS®, CRCS®, CRVS® or CRS®)
  • You have paid Sonography Canada membership dues.

Active Non-Credentialed Member

***NEW*** Members of provincial regulatory colleges who do not hold a Sonography Canada credential may access our PLI by becoming an Active Non-credentialled member.

You may join Sonography Canada as an Active Non-Credentialled Member if you:

  • Provide proof of acceptance into a provincial regulatory college within *90 days of applying to Sonography Canada for membership. *In Ontario, the 90-day timeframe may be extended in 2018 only. 

For more information about becoming an Active Non-Credentialed member CLICK HERE.

New Graduate Interim

New graduates from accredited Canadian sonography education programs can also access Sonography Canada’s PLI so they can have comprehensive PLI coverage if they able to begin working before receiving their Sonography Canada credentials. 

A graduate with interim liability insurance can work but must be directly supervised by a credentialed sonographer or radiologist.  They are responsible to sign off on all the cases that you (the graduate) complete under their supervision.  The supervision will vary with the level of confidence the supervisor(s) have with your skills.  Initially, they may rescan every patient and then transition to less involvement.  This will be at the discretion of the supervising sonographer(s) or radiologist.  There is no issue with you completing the case and tech notes if your supervising sonographer or radiologist is comfortable with it and the case is checked before the patient is sent home.

Conditions of eligibility include:

  • Work must be supervised by a credentialed sonographer or radiologist (they are responsible to sign off on all the cases that you complete under their supervision) during the period covered by Graduate interim insurance.
  • Coverage is for a maximum period of up to 4 years from the date of graduation and cannot be extended.
  • Insurance coverage will automatically switch to full insurance coverage once the Sonography Canada credential is awarded, normally upon successful completion of the Sonography Canada exams. At this time, the requirement for work under supervision is lifted. Graduate Interim insurance coverage is not extendable.
  • The cost for PLI for Graduate interim insurance is ½ the regular rate for their first year – $40 + taxes for $5 million liability coverage.

To apply please CLICK HERE.

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