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Special Member Vote

Motion to Adopt New Membership Categories, Rights and Responsibilities

In case you missed it,  the Board of Directors presented a motion at our Annual General Meeting in May 2019 that included changes to our membership structure and categories to welcome all practicing sonographers, credentialed or not, to the organization as Active Members.  That motion was not passed. 

Based on members’ feedback we received about that motion, Sonography Canada revised the proposal and has drafted a new motion, to be voted upon during a Special (electronic) Vote of the Membership in December.  

This revised motion still seeks to broaden membership so as to strengthen our organization’s role as a “society” that supports all practicing sonographers while maintaining our well-recognized and well-respected credentialing and standards setting processes.

Active Members are now asked to consider this revised motion that puts forward new membership categories,  and specifies rights and responsibilities for each that address concerns about: 

  1. Voting rights
  2. Continuing Professional Development (CPD), and
  3. Personal Liability Insurance rates for non-credentialed members

Voting Opens December 2nd, 2019

How the Special Vote Will Work

All Sonography Canada Active members in good standing, with voting privileges, will have the opportunity to vote on this motion from Monday December 2nd through Sunday, December 15th, using a secure online voting platform that will be emailed directly to them. 

The only way to vote will be through this online platform during the voting period. 

Learn More About the Motion

To learn more about the revised membership proposal and the rationale, members can visit the appropriate page in the Membership Section of the website: 

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