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Keynote – Framing YOUR Future: Will We Bounce Back?

By Leonard Brody – Futurist
May 29th, 2021
1 relevant to practice credit

In this presentation you will learn:

  • How to identify the historical cycles taking place over the past 350 years that demonstrate how things post-COVID-19 will shake out.
  • How to embrace these patterns, adapt to their impact, and lead through this cycle with confidence and clear perspective.
  • About the key behavioural shifts that will remain after the pandemic and what changes are likely to be only temporary.
  • Best practices of companies that thrive in these reset moments and are built to bounce back.


By Dr. Brian Loe & Shelley Morris
Saturday, October 3, 2020
1 Songraphy Based Directed CPD Credit

Sonography and Interoperability

By Andrew McClure
Saturday, October 3, 2020
1 Songraphy Based Directed CPD Credit

Relax Dammit: Healthy and Happy in the Age of Anxiety

By Dr. Timothy Caulfield
Friday, October 2, 2020
1 Relevant-to-Practice CPD

Everybody Stay Calm – Stress Strategies for your Changing World

By Paul Huschilt
Saturday, Sunday 4, 2020
1 Relevant-to-Practice CPD

Advocacy: The Power of Your Voice

By Jennifer Spear, Leslie McDermott, Hugh Williams & Susan Clarke, Tara Chegwin
Saturday, October 3, 2020
1 Relevant-to-Practice CPD

BCUS – Non Invasive Prenatal Testing – NIPT Screening for common chromosomal disorders: an overview

This lecture was donated by the British Columbia Ultrasonographers’ Society (BCUS).

By Dr. Sylvie Langlois, Clinical Investigator, Genetics & Health, CFRI; Professor, Department of Medical Genetics, UBC; Director, Residency Training Program, Medical Genetics, UBC; Medical Director, BC Prenatal Genetic Screening Program, BC Children’s Hospital
Saturday, November 07, 2015

BCUS – Sonographer Repetitive Strain Injuries – Victoria Working Group Case Study

This lecture was donated by the British Columbia Ultrasonographers’ Society (BCUS).

By David Durning, HSA OH&S
Saturday, March 28, 2015
0.5 CPD

BCUS – U/S of the Nuclear Medicine patient: Radiation Concerns

This lecture was donated by the British Columbia Ultrasonographers’ Society (BCUS).

Dr. Stuart Jackson PhD, Nuclear Medicine PhD, Vancouver General Hospital
Saturday, April 05, 2014

Point of Care Ultrasound in Pediatrics

by Dr. Daryl Graham
2019 – Toronto, ON

Ultrasound is a great tool to aid in making the diagnosis and treatment of the pediatric population. Dr.Graham discusses how she has trained in and uses point of care ultrasound to improve the care of her patients. 

Ergonomics for the Healthy Sonographer

by Joan Baker & Michel McElroy
2019 – Toronto, ON

This lecture discusses sonographer injury and the simple steps you can take everyday to keep yourself healthy.  

Your New Paradigm for Understanding and Applying Sonographic Principles

by Dr. Frederick Kremkau
2019 – Toronto, ON

This presentation guides the sonographer into a new era of sonographic instrumentation. For 50 years, sonographic systems have operated on one underlying principle. Now there are two underlying principles. The new (second) one is dramatically different from the first and implements improvements in every aspect of image acquisition and quality.

Answer the Question (Approach to Scanning)

by Dr. Edward Lyons, MD
2013 – Winnipeg MB
Too often a patient is scanned BUT the question is not answered! Ultrasound is unique because the examiner can palpate the area of interest and find the “mass” or tender area. No other imaging has that advantage and none provide the unique patient interaction. This talk will highlight many examples where you CAN answer the question if you are so inclined and really want to help your patient.

The Eyes Have It: Ophthalmic Ultrasound in a General Ultrasound Practice

by Dr. Steve Kwong
2011 Kelowna BC
0.5 CPD

Many eye problems can be effectively evaluated using standard equipment in general ultrasound dept. As in all of ultrasound, a working knowledge of the visible anatomy as well as the commonly encountered pathologic processes is required. During this session we will discuss the use of general ultrasound equipment in the evaluation of the eye, we will review the pertinent anatomy which can be evaluated with this equipment, and we will examine the use of ultrasound in evaluating the patient with sudden vision loss or with a possible ocular mass, the two most common presentations in our facility.

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