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More than Half of Vital Healthcare Workers Considered Quitting Their Jobs Over the Past Two Years

February 1, 2024


More than Half of Vital Healthcare Workers Considered Quitting Their Jobs Over the Past Two Years

OTTAWA—February 1st, 2024, A recent survey commissioned by Sonography Canada has shown that 51% of diagnostic medical sonographers have considered quitting their jobs in the past two years. Respondents to the survey cited several reasons for why they had considered leaving, including staffing shortages leading to increased workloads, pressure to complete more work in less time, and a lack of support in their workplaces. When asked about their plans for retirement, 14% indicated they will be leaving the workforce within four years.

“We are deeply concerned by these findings,” said Susan Clarke, Executive Director of Sonography Canada. “A lack of investment in sufficient staffing, the risk of injury and burnout, and limited mental health supports are taking their toll on our profession.”

The poll, conducted by Relay Strategies, found that Canadians felt that one aspect of health care in the country stood out above the rest: the quality of care provided by medical professionals. Sixty-three per cent of Canadians felt the care provided by medical professionals was excellent or good, while an additional 25% rated the care they received as fair. In eight other questions about the quality of Canada’s health care system, no other category received a rate of confidence over 22%.

“These results send a clear message,” added Clarke. “Canadians value the care they get from health professionals like sonographers, but systemic issues, like access to healthcare services, are problematic.”

Diagnostic medical sonographers are a key part of medical practice, using ultrasound to assess blood, tissue, and organs to aid in diagnosing and discerning medical issues.

When asked about surgery wait times, 51% of Canadians said that system quality is terrible. Regarding wait times for non-urgent care, 53% agreed system quality is terrible, and more than 6-in-10 Canadians (61%) believe that emergency wait times are unacceptable.

“Our members are critical to the diagnostic process in both emergency and non-urgent settings,” said Clarke. “To reduce wait times, it is critical that governments act by increasing training spaces for sonographers and taking steps to address the retention crisis by supporting workers.”

 89% of Canadians agree the government could do more to support sonographers.


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Sonography Canada is the national voice for the sonography profession in Canada representing over 6,500 members across Canada. Sonography Canada is the national credentialing body for sonographers across the country, ensuring practitioners who hold a credential in sonography have met high, nationally consistent standards of patient care. Sonography Canada advocates on behalf of its members to ensure they have the support necessary to deliver the high standard of diagnostic imaging that Canadians expect and deserve. 

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