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Your Association Update: From the Executive Directors Office

January 25, 2023

2023 is upon us, and things are ramping up to be a busy one! With the new format of this newsletter, we aim to provide our community with quarterly updates from the Board table and the National Office team. 

Each quarter, you’ll receive updates about new developments and ongoing developments in continuing education, professional practice, certification, and members.  I invite you to tell us what you’d like to see more (or less) of by sending an email to

We hope you enjoy the new format!

What’s new with Sonography Canada?

We have started/joined some important initiatives that will reinforce our position as an association representing key members of the healthcare team, namely:

  • HEAL (Organizations for Health Action): HEAL members are committed to sustaining and enhancing the health of Canadians, and in the continuous improvement of fair, equitable, efficient, and effective health services, and system(s).  HEAL is an influential advocate to the federal government for improvements to healthcare across the country. 
  • Health System Insights Ontario Health Medical Imaging Health Human Resources Subcommittee: The Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care has formed a provincial Medical Imaging Health Human Resources (HHR) Subcommittee to perform an updated landscape assessment and provide advice and recommendations to the Ministry on strategies to better align health human resources with diagnostic imaging operational needs across Ontario.  Sonography Canada was invited to participate along with a wide variety of healthcare organizations representing operational and administrative aspects of diagnostic medical imaging.  One of the goals of this subcommittee is to create a HHR Best Practices & Practical Tips document for facilities to support recruitment, retainment, and utilization to address staffing shortages in medical imaging.

Why are these important?

In joining these organizations, Sonography Canada and its members will be participating when key decisions about the healthcare system are being made.  By joining other, often stronger voices, we have a greater opportunity to influence outcomes and to ensure that sonographers are part of the equation.  Sonography Canada will be working to ensure that sonographers are recognized for their unique contribution to the healthcare team.  The primary initiative that is being scrutinized now is resolving the many contributors to the HHR crisis.   To support our advocacy work, we will be reaching out to our members to share their experiences and opinions through surveys and discussions.  Members are encouraged to participate if asked to share.

Multi-Stakeholder Report Now Available

We have also contributed to a Multi-Stakeholder Report with the Canadian Association of Radiologists (CAR) and the Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists (CAMRT), proposing a set of joint recommendations to help address the growing demand for medical imaging and to ensure the relevance and sustainability of radiology services, including ultrasound, in the future. Read the full report here. As Executive Director, I am privileged to work with a team dedicated to supporting sonographers and the Board to achieve their goals.  The National Office team (Audrey, Jamie, Jan, Jody, Meagan, Riad and Tara) are highly focused on continuously enhancing the continuing professional development, certification, and member services you have come to expect from your association.

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