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Due to the significant delays with the delivery of the CPD tracking system to our members, those sonographers with triennium end dates of December 31, 2019 will be granted until February 14, 2020 to enter their CPD activities in to the system

Will all my previous CPD credits and information be transferred over to the new online tracking system?

 All previous CPD activities have been entered prior to launching the new CPD tracking system, have will be transferred over.

When does my triennium start and end?

 All trienniums begin on January 1 and end December 31 of the last year listed in a member’s triennium.

Can I carry over credits to a new triennium?

 At this time, members are not able to carry over credits to a new triennium. All members will have fluctuation in the credits they achieve from triennium to triennium. However, the intention of the CPD program is to set a minimum amount of continuing professional development credits annually (10 credits) and triennially (40 credits) for members to maintain their competency, enhance their practice, and support on-going learning.

Do I get CPD credits for my initial Sonography Canada credentialing examinations?

We no longer award CPD credits for our initial credentialing examinations.  If you pursue or have already pursued additional credentials after becoming a member, however, they are eligible for CPD credits.

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