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Allied Healthcare Professional Membership

Advances in technology have made sonography equipment more portable.  This means that many allied healthcare professionals like nurses, doctors and midwives have started to include point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) in their scope of practice.  While it is important to note that their use of ultrasound is governed by their own regulatory bodies that have defined specific parameters for the application of ultrasound, giving them the option to join Sonography Canada allows them the opportunity to access our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programs.


Allied Healthcare Professional members can be any licensed, qualified, non-sonographer healthcare professional who operates within a scope of practice that includes the limited application of ultrasound for diagnostic purposes.

Rights And Responsibilities

Allied Healthcare Professional members have the following rights and responsibilities:


May access Sonography Canada Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programs but do not have to complete Sonography Canada CPD requirements as they will do so with their own regulatory bodies.

May not purchase Professional Liability Insurance (PLI).

May not vote in Sonography Canada elections nor on governance motions.

May not volunteer on committees nor on the Board of Directors.

Allied Healthcare Professional Membership Fee: $75
Membership Period: May 1st to April 30th

To sign up, please create a member profile account and complete the membership application:

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