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Outstanding Mentorship Award

This award recognizes current members who have exemplified excellence in professional leadership and are recognized as outstanding mentors. Mentors can act as an advisor, an expert who freely shares their knowledge and/or a supporter colleague who offers moral and emotional support. In essence, they are members who know how to inspire others.

Sonography Canada seeks to recognize these exemplary mentors whose efforts are further enhancing our profession by motivating their colleagues and contributing to the improvement of their skills and potential.

Eligibility & Selection Criteria

  • Applicants must be Active credentialed members in good standing with Sonography Canada.
  • Refer to the evaluation form (rubric) for selection details.
  • The nomination must be submitted as an essay answering the following questions, not exceeding 250 words for each question.
    1. How has the nominee inspired you?
    2. How has the nominee contributed to your body of knowledge and expertise in the profession of sonography?
    3. How has the nominee’s support provided opportunities that you may not have otherwise explored?
    4. Do you see these attributes of mentorship influencing others in your community of practice? Please provide examples.
  • To insure impartial judging, nomination essays including the candidate’s name/ identifiers will not be accepted.

Nomination Process

  • Complete the nomination form and provide a response of a maximum of 250 words to each of the four questions listed above.
  • There is no limit to the number of nominations that an individual can submit.
  • Nominations can be submitted in English or French.

Selection Process

  • Sonography Canada will forward nominations received prior to the due date to the Awards Committee for evaluation.


All submissions must be received by March 30.


  • Registration for the annual conference.
  • Participation in the Sonography Canada awards presentation. Travel expenses to participate will be covered as per the Sonography Canada travel policy, when applicable.
  • Certificate of Recognition


Please forward any questions you may have regarding this award to

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