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Inactive Practitioner Membership

Recognizing that the demographics of sonography practitioners are changing, we have created a new Inactive Practitioner member category so that retired practitioners, or those who have moved into other non-practicing roles (e.g. industry, etc.) can stay involved with Sonography Canada, and connected to our membership so that we can all benefit from their experience.


An Inactive Practitioner member can be any individual who has ceased to be an Active Member and is currently retired from practice, education or application of Diagnostic Medical Sonography, or who is now seconded to a non-practitioner role.

Rights And Responsibilities

Inactive Practitioner Members have the following rights and responsibilities:


May not append Sonography Canada credentials to their name.

May not purchase Professional Liability Insurance (PLI).

May not vote in Sonography Canada elections nor on governance motions.

May volunteer to serve on committees, as long as they meet the specific requirements for the volunteer role but may not volunteer on the Board of Directors.

The ability of an Inactive Practitioner member to return to Active Member status (with Sonography Canada credentials) after five (5) years, will be at the discretion of the Sonography Canada Board of Directors.

Membership cards for Inactive Practitioner members will indicate “No Approved Credentials”.

Sonography canada intactive practitioner card

Inactive Practitioner Membership Fee: $75
Membership Period: May 1st to April 30th

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