Sonography Canada

Student Membership


A Student member is an individual who is enrolled in a training program for Diagnostic Medical Sonographers that is accredited or registered with Accreditation Canada, and whose application for admission as a Student member has been approved by the Sonography Canada Board of Directors.

Rights and Responsibilities

Student members have the following rights and responsibilities:


May not purchase Professional Liability Insurance (PLI).

May not vote in Sonography Canada elections nor on governance motions.

May be appointed to an advisory role to the Board of Directors as a student representative.


Do not fulfill Sonography Canada’s Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements.

Membership cards for Student members will indicate “Student”  “No Canadian Credentials”.

Sonography canada student card

Student Membership Fee: FREE
Membership Period: May 1st to April 30th

Note: Students are given a complimentary Student membership once their application has been provided to Sonography Canada by their educational program.

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