Sonography Canada

Outstanding Article or Case Study Award

This award recognizes written submissions from sonographers that aim to inform, educate and inspire their peers with educational topics from the sonography field or relating to the profession of sonography.

Submissions will be accepted for two different categories

  1. Case Study
  2. Essay or Literature Review


All applicants must be a Sonography Canada active credentialed member in good standing.

Selection Criteria

Please refer to the evaluation form for information on how the winners will be selected.

Nomination Process

  • Please complete the nomination form
  • Please submit an additional fact sheet in Word or PDF format to support the monimation. It must be submitted as an essay with a maximum of 2,000 words.
  • The essay must fulfill the requirements for publication in the Canadian Journal of Medical Sonography
  • Each nomination must be submitted for either the case study or essay / literature review.
  • There is no limit on the number of nominations that can be submitted.
  • Nominations can be submitted in English or French.

Case Study

  • Abstract: A structured summary of the case report in about 250 words or less, which summarizes introduction, case description, discussion and conclusion.
  • Introduction: In 3 paragraphs or less, please explain the significance of the case report and provide the definitions pertinent to understand the case.
  • Case Description: Include relevant information such as patient demographics, patient history/presentation, sonographic findings with supporting diagnostic imaging, laboratory tests, complications, diagnosis and patient outcome/treatment.
  • Discussion: Briefly explain etiology, pathophysiology, differential diagnosis and treatment/prognosis for the case.
  • Conclusion: In one paragraph, please provide a brief summary of the case report and application to ultrasound practices.

Essay or Literature Review

  • Abstract: A concise summary of the essay or literature review.
  • Introduction: Provide background information and explain why this topic was chosen.
  • Description: Specify the titles and subtitles that will help organize the content to support your topic.
  • Discussion: Briefly explain etiology, pathophysiology, and treatment if any. Identify the value of this article.
  • Conclusion: In one paragraph, please provide a brief summary of the essay / literature review and application to ultrasound practices.

Please submit the completed Nomination Form and the fact sheet to Sonography Canada by email to info@sonographycanada.ca.

Selection Process

  • Sonography Canada will forward the nominations received to the committee that will select the winners.
  • The award will be presented at the Sonography Canada annual conference.


All submissions must be received by January 31, 2020.

  • January 31: Deadline to submit nominations
  • March 31: The committee completes their review and selects the recipient
  • April: The winner is notified
  • May: The winner will be announced/recognized at the awards ceremony at the Sonography Canada annual conference


Cash prize of $500, complimentary registration for the annual conference as well as travel and accommodations. A certificate will be presented to winners able to attend the awards ceremony or mailed to those who are not able to be in attendance.

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