Sonography Canada

Outstanding Journal Submission Award

This award recognizes journal submissions from sonographers that aim to inform, educate and inspire their peers with educational topics from the sonography field or relating to the profession of sonography. Sonography Canada would like to bestow recognition on our colleague or colleagues for a specific publication judged as making an exceptional contribution to the sonography profession. Publications may have more than one author.

All submissions will be judged by the Awards committee that has been given the responsibility of choosing one winner. The Journal committee will provide nominations from journal submissions of the previous year to the Awards committee by January 31 of each award season. Those nominated will be given notice of their inclusion in the award consideration.


$500 Cash Prize


  • Applicants must be an active credentialed Sonography Canada member in good standing
  • Submitted articles to the Canadian Journal of Medical Sonography (CJMS) within the last year


Submissions will be accepted in both French and English

Scoring Rubric
Award Criteria

All submissions will be received by January 31, 2019 from the Journal members for the previous year

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