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Student Achievement Award

Sonography Canada invites students from all Canadian accredited diagnostic medical sonography programs to submit an outstanding written submission on a topic of their choice.

This award aims to encourage and recognize outstanding written case studies, essays and/or literature reviews by students across Canada, challenging students to write an article on a topic of interest they wish to share with fellow sonographers.

This award also provides an opportunity to share interesting cases, discuss current issues, new ideas and information gives sonography students the chance experience the rewards of educating their peers and to inspire others to do the same.

Eligibility & Selection Criteria

  • All applicants must be a student currently registered in or graduated from a Canadian accredited diagnostic ultrasound program within the last twelve (12) months.
  • Refer to the evaluation form for information on how the winners will be selected.
  • Submissions can be written as an individual or a group, and must have been written while the applicant(s) is or was still a student(s).
  • Submissions must not include any patient information (name, clinical site, province/location) or any other identifiers.
  • Previously published articles or case studies (CJMS) are not eligible to be considered for this award.
  • Up to two (2) winners will be selected from the submissions received.

Nomination Process

  • Complete the nomination form
  • Submissions must be in essay format of 1500 words or less, printed double spaced, with a margin of 1 inch and clear pagination.
  • The submission must be presented as a written report that includes reference lists.
  • References should be presented in modified Vancouver style. Applicants can refer to the Canadian Journal of Medical Sonography for more information.
  • Submissions can sent in English or French.

Written submissions may be based on one of two categories:

Case Study

  • Abstract: A structured summary of the case study 250 words or less, which summarizes the content of the following: Introduction, case description, discussion and conclusion.
  • Introduction: In three (3) paragraphs or less, please explain the significance of the case study and provide the definitions that will help to understand the case.
  • Case Description: Please include relevant information such as patient demographics, patient history, sonographic findings with supporting diagnostic imaging, laboratory tests, complications, diagnosis as well as patient outcome/treatment.
  • Discussion: Briefly explain the etiology, pathophysiology, differential diagnosis and treatment/prognosis associated with this case study.
  • Conclusion: In one paragraph, please provide a brief summary of the case study and describe its application to ultrasound practices.
Download Evaluation Criteria

Essay or Literature Review

  • Abstract: A concise summary of the essay or literature review.
  • Introduction: Provide background information and explain why this topic was chosen.
  • Description: Provide titles and subtitles that will help organize the content in support of your topic.
  • Discussion: Briefly explain etiology, pathophysiology, and treatment, if any. Identify the value of this article.
  • Conclusion: In one paragraph, please provide a brief summary of the essay/literature review and describe its application to ultrasound practices.
Download Evaluation Criteria

Selection Process

  • Sonography Canada will forward nominations received prior to the due date to the Awards Committee for evaluation.


All submissions must be received by March 30.


  • $250 OR
  • Registration for the annual conference.
  • Participation in the Sonography Canada awards presentation. Travel expenses to participate will be covered as per the Sonography Canada travel policy, when applicable.
  • Certificate of Recognition

* Should a group be selected for this award, the bursary is shared between the recipients. Registration and travel (if applicable) will be awarded to one individual, selected by the group.


Please forward any questions you may have regarding this award to

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